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  • Designed in Toronto

    Treat your cat to a slice of Toronto's happiness with locally designed products!

  • Premium Quality

    Only use premium materials to make our products. Made to last.

  • Endless Cleanliness

    Your cat will have hours of fun and cleanliness with Lukamoo® products!

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Lukamoo Litter Mat: Calico, Oval

Lukamoo® Litter Mat

Say goodbye to litter chaos with our original mat, making your home tidy without a fuss!

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  • Johannely Rodriguez

    "This is so damn cute! I wish I had all these litter mats! Great quality, loved the packaging. You guys deserve more recognition! Someone make a TikTok about this company! Would love to see more products from them!"

  • Alan

    "I love this litter mat!! I tried so many other litter mats before, but I always struggled with containing the litter. It was always dragged by my cats, which made the house smell horrible ugh. This litter mat doesn’t have these problems and I super super appreciate that! It’s amazing."

  • Caitlyn Thornhill

    "I bought this on a whim because I saw the adorable calico design that looks just like my elderly cat. I wasn’t sure of the sizing due to the photoshopped product pictures but it’s actually a large mat. My cat is a fluffy gal so she makes the mat look small, but it is almost 3x the size of our previous mat."